Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm a terrorist, in Minneapolis

In order to prevent a breakout of Democracy in Minneapolis police are raiding homes of anyone suspected of being an anarchist. Because, in Bush's America, being an anarchist is considered probable cause and therefore all actions to quash their Constitutional rights is okay. Actually, you don't need to be an anarchist, just being a non-violent hippy who wants to distribute food to the poor is enough to be listed a terroristic threat. Watch out Osama Bin Laden, the Bush administration might look at your long hair and think you are a terrorist and go after you.

Why mention what's happening at the Grand Old Pedophile's Klan rally since it's not related to Kansas? Well because fascism doesn't remain locked inside a border and pro-McCain Kansas would welcome jackbooted thugs breaking down doors to hunt for imaginary enemies of the state.

I looked at the list of items they considered to be terrorist tools and I have plenty. I have empty bottles, because I recycle and bottles go into the recycle bin. I have paint because I plan on repainting the bedroom. I have an axe and machete because I needed to cut limbs from the huge ice storm a couple years back. I have nails and screws because of home repair needs. I have gasoline because I run a lawnmower. I have a computer, I'm using it right now to tell you how much of a threat to America that I am. Yes, these are some of the items mentioned on search warrants by the Republican Brownshirts that raided homes of people using their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble.

I went to Denver the week before the convention and there was a noticable police absence. Denver didn't need to resort to a police state and, despite that, they managed to prevent an assassination attempt on future President Barack Obama by White supremicist Republicans (who naturally don't face charges, unlike the guy who said he didn't like Cheney's policies).

Thankfully Wichita has never gotten as bad as Minneapolis. Sure, I've been harassed by police for carrying signs that bore some message protesting Cheney,Bush and/or Tiahrt. I've been stalked and videotaped by the local police for the "crime" a speaking out against war criminals but I have yet to get my door knocked down by police. However allowing fascism to spread happens through negligence and by supporting fascists for office. It's no surprise which political party has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on protecting America from Americans. It's no surprise which party turned spy satellites on it's people or formed a privatized spy program, or funds Blackwater to kill people in New Orleans who simply wanted to survive a flood. John McCain, Todd Tiahrt, and the other Republican goons have expressed their contempt for the American people and they can't wait to fulfill Prescott Bush's dream of a fascist America.

Protect America, elect a Democrat.

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