Thursday, May 29, 2008

Republicans complain about Bush visit

Republicans are outraged that taxpayer money is being used for a fund raising event. Rep. Kizner is planning legislation to limit use of state property for fundraising events. House Speaker Melvin Neufeld, R-Ingalls, called the event "unacceptable," and state GOP Chairman Kris Kobach, declared it "disgraceful." Oh wait, that's what they said about an event held by the Democratic governor Kathleen Sebelius in the governor's mansion.

In fact the Republicans have no problem when taxpayer funds have to be used for Bush's fundraising event for Nick Jordan. Hundreds of police are being stationed throughout the town to protect President Bush from seeing any uprising of free speech.

The Republicans are in a bind having lost three seats to Democrats in heavily Republican districts. They believe Kansas, once a solidly Republican state, is going to lose more seats to Democrats. As a result there have been a rash of fundraisers. Karl Rove came out before his latest call to testify before Congress about his crimes, Senator Bob Dole came over because he probably left something in Kansas and came by to pick it up before leaving to North Carolina, and now Bush plans on using the power of his 28% approval rating to get support for Jordan.

Jordan needs all the money from rich people he can get, otherwise he might have to run on his record. He supports unending war in Iraq (as long as he doesn't have to serve), no health care for children, no money for public education, higher gas taxes and pulling the red carpet out for oil and coal companies.

Judging by Jordan's FEC filings a lot of his contributors have maxed out their contribution limit. If he doesn't find more supporters he'll have to go the McCain route and pretend to have supporters, even if they are wearing pro-Obama shirts.

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