Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tiahrt plans on a major flip-flop

Running away from his voting record faster than Senator McCain runs away from pastor Hagee's after it's revealed Hagee loves Hitler and the Holocaust, Tiahrt plans a new bill to renege on his pledge of competition.

It was previously revealed on this blog that Tiahrt initially voted to allow the Air Force tanker deal to be outsourced to France. Lacking any independent thought Tiahrt never figured that someone as self-righteous as himself would have jobs in his district outsourced to France. Since the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan Tiahrt figures he'll cover his arse with a lot of grandstanding and a new piece of legislation requiring 85% of the components for the new tankers to be built in America.

Hold on Tiahrt, this smacks of regulation. The same kind of regulation that you claim costs jobs and limits open competition which you have championed.

Back in Oct. 7th, 2004 Tiahrt complained about subsidies provided by the Bush regime to Airbus:
"Twelve years later it is clear that this aid particularly launch assistance, has done tremendous harm to fair and open competition in the large aircraft marketplace."

Never mind Tiahrt has always backed subsidies for the oil and defense companies, but now he wants legislation that provides specific aid to domestic airline companies, namely Boeing, that destroys the concept of fair and open competition which he claims to fight for.

With Tiahrt you'd think you never know what you'll get but here's a simple formula. If a company gives thousands of dollars in bribes, or as Tiahrt's friend Jack Abramoff likes to call them, lobbyist dollars, then he's in favor of socialism and regulation. If you don't donate money to Tiahrt he's in favor of the free market (no taxpayer money for you) and deregulation (no governmental protection for you). So when Tiahrt says he's fighting for you just follow the money and find out who 'you' really happens to be.

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